Military Law Enforcement Career

United States Navy Reserve Chief Petty Office Scott Jones is a navy police officer, (called ‘Master at Arms’ in the naval tradition) with sixteen years of service to our great country.


His service has been honorable, exciting, compelling and a high honor.

“America enjoys the protection of an all-volunteer military force and I am proud to be a part of that tradition.” The call to serve one’s country is as individual, personal, and heartfelt as the person who holds up his hand and takes that oath to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Scott Jones comes from a long family tradition of men who have heard and followed that call.

In January of 1996 at the age of 34 Scott Jones put his civilian law enforcement career on hold when he decided to enlist in the United States Navy Reserve. Throughout his military law enforcement career Chief Jones has had the opportunity to serve tours of duty in the United States, Guam, Italy, Spain, England and the Middle East.

On September 11, 2001, while Petty Officer Jones was serving on his annual training tour at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, terrorists conducted the single worst attack on the United States since World War II. Petty Officer Second Class Jones was mobilized immediately. Because he served his country in the same occupation as his civilian career Petty Officer Jones was ready. Scott Jones responded to the attacks on our country by serving on active duty from the day of the attacks for more than a year until October of 2002. Scott Jones was one of the first reservists to answer the call to help secure our nation in response to 9-11.

From October of 2002 until April of 2010 Chief Jones served honorably in the US Navy Reserve, training, mentoring and leading young Navy police officers at NAS Fort Worth JRB. Chief Jones’ service in the Navy Reserve has taken him to sea and on deployments around the world with a sense of purpose and the priority of taking the fight to the enemy to protect us here at home.

In April of 2010 Chief Jones embarked on a high paced year-long deployment to Iraq with a Joint Special Operations Task Force. He was privileged to apply everything he had learned in his long law enforcement career to support the operations of the Joint Task Force. Chief Jones and his team of sailors returned from their operation with the satisfaction of knowing they had performed at the highest level in defense of their country.

Scott Jones is a member of the United States Navy Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.