Jones Family Military Tradition


Scott Jones followed in a strong and patriotic family tradition of military service. His father R.T. Jones, Jr. served in the United States Air Force for more than twenty years, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. This photograph shows a young Airman Jones in front of one of America’s most famous B-29 bombers.

A generation earlier Scott Jones’ grandfather answered the call to military service at the outset of World War I. Private R.T. Jones was assigned to the Field Artillery and is seen here (third from left) training with members of his Battery on the venerable 3.2 inch Field Gun, Model 1885-97.


Debt of Gratitude:

No tradition of service is possible without the absolute support, love, and loyalty of the military family

“I would be remiss if I did not mention the sacrifices made by my wife and our three daughters. Times that we could have shared and memories that could have been made were lost due to my extended periods of deployment.


While I had the honor to serve, they had the burden to bear. I hope they know and I hope I can always express the debt of gratitude and the undying love I have for each of them.”